Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's On The Cutting Table

...or rather, taking up space on the kitchen island awaiting the day when my beautiful boys coordinate nap times... or when they decide to nap at all once again!

Times are a little rowdy right now and sewing is not in my near future, so I will just post a couple pics of projects cut out and awaiting attention to remind me of my days of creating things ;).

A special t-shirt for a special boy who will celebrate his 2nd birthday in 2 weeks! (HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?)...

Another cloth basket...

A pair of comfy lounge pants just for me (These have been a long time comin')...

Hopefully when they are finished there can be a little loungin' to go with them!



  1. It happens because you blinked! Seriously, it goes by that fast. I do hope you get some time to sew and enjoy your lounge pants.

  2. I KNOW!!! Why, oh WHY did I have to blink?!?
    Thanks Tracey, I hope so too. :) Until then I'll maybe just keep cutting out projects and then one fine day I can go into a sewing frenzy!!