Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Now that my "break" is officially over I'm sitting here staring at this white space, feeling totally blank.
I suppose the harder you try to think of what to write, the more elusive the words can become.

Too many people, including myself, have experienced loss in the past couple of months. When things like this start taking over life, it becomes increasingly difficult to find those moments in your day that bring you happiness and peace (hence my brief hiatus).
Death, not for ourselves but for a loved one, is one of the most difficult things that any of us has to face in our lives. That feeling of truly missing someone; where hopping on an airplane, or picking up the phone, is an impossibility.
So, on that note, I send out every happy thought I can muster, every prayer, and every ounce of love to ANYONE who has experienced a loss recently, or ever for that matter.
All I can say, which someone once said to me, is that it never goes away but it does get easier. God Bless xo

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