Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I thought it would be very positive, and uplifting to think about all the things that make me happy so,
Here are a few of my favourite things...

*Finishing a project (It is so rare for me, that this is an especially favourite thing!)
*Bright colours
*Good beer - My favourite is from a local Toronto brewery
*Vintage Cameras

*Kneading bread dough
*Eating those first slices of warm bread from a fresh baked loaf
*The smell of a fresh baked loaf wafting through a house (ok, I think I'm having a craving to bake bread, or at least to eat it...)

*Wearing my sleeping baby

*Watching little hands turn book pages
*Adding to the fabric stash (Finding something brilliant to make with the stash is even better)
Here are my most recent additions:

*Fresh sugar snap peas
*Stepping on to my balcony to cut fresh herbs (I can only imagine the pleasure in collecting an entire meal from your own yard - someday!)
*The first day of the new year when you can roll your windows all the way down (my soundtrack for this day has been Bob Marley's album "Confrontation" for the past few years it seems)

*Seeing into other people's creative spaces
*House browsing on the www.
*any and all Audrey Hepburn films

*Meeting a new person while travelling, jumping right into a full-fledged convo only to realize maybe an hour in, or maybe ever that you still don't know each other's names.
*Sunflowers (and just today I had the pleasure of driving by a whole field of them!!)

*Crazy thunderstorms (While relaxing in my house of course)
*These cookies as posted on the blog 101 Cookbooks.
*Good Books (of which there are just too many to share)
*Browsing thrift stores and antique shops (of which I spent the better part of this day)
*Owls - I have been trying to not create a theme in my childs bedroom but, alas, I keep buying owly things for his wall. Today's owly find at the thrift:

*A glass of white wine, with my hub, on my balcony, on a warm (not grossly hot and humid) evening
*Scanning a world map, planning and dreaming
*Knowing that there are no limits to where I can go in the world (Must get going!)
*Knowing there are more places in the world than I may ever get to, and yet it is such a small, connected place

Quite frankly, I love a lot of stuff. I could go on and on and on... But, I'll spare you. Now that I've unleashed and had fun doing so, there may be a few more posts like this.

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