Thursday, August 12, 2010

And it goes...whishwhishwhish

So lately, I have been unbelievably, undeniably, unreasonably exhausted, and thus I have hunkered down for morning naps with my little one (which I do love), sacrificing my time to accomplish. This has been very tough to give in to, but considering that my body is, once again, sharing it's space with another little heartbeat (which I finally got to hear today) a few extra zzz's have become important, nay, crucial to my daily coping skills.
I swear, no matter how many home tests I did, I could not believe it was true, despite the clear signals from my body. I just needed that outside opinion, and precious little, "whish-whish-whish" from my abdomen (that was my heart beat sound in case you didn't get it). Sweet Lord! Two bubs under 2!!! It seemed like a good idea...

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