Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Road trippin'

Much has happened and many miles have been covered since my last post on Friday.
We left home late afternoon on Saturday, reaching Montreal by about 11:00pm (of course I can't stop there without a visit to Simon's - it's just a clothing department store, but it exists no where other than Quebec, and different is always fun. Of course, I bought myself a little something!
Sunday found us driving through the beautiful state of Maine. We'll be passing back through with a 2 night stop in Portland on our way home. We had a couple brief stops for play, and snacks and then ended our day in Bangor.
Monday morning was a surprisingly slow moving morning, and by the time breakfast had found it's way into our bellies and we were back on the road it was around one in the afternoon. We ended up reaching our final destination at about 10pm. A long day for sure, but a good one.
So, now that's us safe and sound in Prince Edward Island. What a beautiful province. I visited when I was twelve years old, and had really great memories of it, but seeing it a second time around has beat out my memories - It really is stunning.
My brother-in-law's family cottage is right on the ocean and a perfect escape. They visit every summer - not a bad way to spend a couple weeks!
We woke early this morning and went for a bike ride to a nearby lighthouse. A really chilling way to start a day.
We have a lot to cram in to just a couple of days, and more planning still for the days that follow P.E.I. so the rest of the week will likely be far too busy with good times for posting, but I may have a chance to drop a couple postcards on here once or twice...


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  1. Hey - you're not too far from my neck of the woods from Portland. :) Have an awesome time!