Monday, August 23, 2010


Summer is coming to an end, and in my mind it is coming quickly. We will make the most of what is left for sure and squeeze in as much camping as possible.
This weekend was spent at Darien Lake. It was a very nice weekend, though it POURED rain all Saturday night and Sunday morning. It rained so loudly (the sound only elevated by the fact that we had a tarp over our tent - Thank God!) that I could barely sleep most of the night with anxiety. I went outside several times and our site looked flooded in areas which didn't help my thought process. I was sure the tarp would overload and collapse on us, so I kept going out to lift the tarp and encourage the piles of water to run off, I also imagined one of the nearby trees being struck by lightning, a flash flood - don't actually know how that works but it sounds pretty crazy-, among many other things. Wow, how the mind works hey? Sometimes it is so difficult to control our own thoughts.
Anyways, it WAS a nice weekend. ;) We had lots of relaxing by our fire, lazing around reading (& crocheting), eating great food, and even going on a couple rides and for a swim.
Which brings to mind our ride on the Ferris wheel which also stressed me out. WHAT is my problem?? Growing up, my mom only ever went on the swan boats, the kiddie cars, and occasionally the "Ghoster Coaster" at Canada's Wonderland - a sort of kids, toned down coaster. Guess maybe I'm headed that way...

It's not the height that freaked me out. It is the big question mark that surrounds every ride, who created it, and how long will it last??... A broken ride that high up?? Ok the height is a little freaky too!
Now that I think of it, having an antsy little boy next to me may also have contributed...

A very plain and simple, tasty salad I made with grape tomatoes, sliced
cucumbers, chopped red peppers, fresh basil, fresh chives, fresh parsely, and goats milk feta cheese.

Our camping brekky this weekend was oatmeal which I have been making regularly at home for myself and the little guy. I add raisins, chopped apples and a cinnamon stick for the full time the oats are cooking. Very delicious and healthy.

I have always wished I liked marshmallows more. Watching people cook them over a fire - it just looks fun, but I never really enjoyed the eating part, or the gooeyness all over my hands factor. My AHA! moment of the weekend was S'MORES! Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow together?? What's not to love? (PS. It's GOT to be dark chocolate.)
I think this may have been my first time having S'mores and mmmmm.. won't be the last.

My blanket-to-be smells a little campfire smokey now, but when it's finished (next year!) I'll give it a good washing ;).


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  1. Levi looks like he enjoyed the Ferris Wheel. Nice picture of the two of you.