Friday, August 20, 2010

Millions of peaches, peaches for me!

...Just daydreaming about that thought...
(that is one of those songs that even if you hardly know it, it's in your head for a lifetime)

Tis the season for peaches, and we have been enjoying it to it's fullest, particularly this past week.

We're leaving today for the weekend and this morning I was looking at some lovely peaches that threatened to spoil, so here it hit me! I have aspired to try my hand (both actually) at canning for quite some time and there is no better time than the present.
It seemed like a good load of fruit I had, so off I went chopping and crushing, cleaning and boiling my jars & lids, and of course having a little taste here and there.
I admit, having a little one, I abandoned my post regularly, was highly disorganised, and just generally took a pretty long time to do a job that actually seems like it should be reasonably quick and easy.

I remember my mom making peach jam and having it on fresh tea biscuits with a bit of whipped cream. MMmmmmmm...Think I'll be doing that in the next week, or rather hope so!

The Materials:

A Piece Of The Process:

By the way, after ALL that chopping, and crushing, cleaning and boiling here is my less than full lone 500ml jar of peach jam.

So, needless to say, I didn't really get in to the full canning process for my first experience. Due to my small yield there was no need for processing the JAR. I didn't expect loads - I only sterilized 3 x 500ml jars, but I had hoped for at least a couple full ones. Oh well! At least I'll get to enjoy eating it.

I did learn something that may be a useful tip for others (since I prepared 3 jars and used one): heated, yet unused, snap lids can be used again. Good thing or I would have felt bad about wasting those other 2 (I know they are cheap but still).

I definitely feel like next time I'll be able to confidently go the full distance, though with small amounts, I think I'll try freezer jam...


  1. I highly recommend the Bernadin Home Preserving Book...easy recipes, gives you your yeild, (so you have some idea of how many containers worth you're making), and also gives you pectin free options, (like long boil and spreadable fruits). Good for you for giving canning a go...I know how hard it can be to do with kiddies underfoot. When I tried doing my spreadable peaches, Matilda had a total meltdown...thankfully she loves to play in the kitchen sink, so I turned on the water, put a towel on the floor and let her to it.
    Can on!
    xo maureen

  2. You know, I actually have that book and I guess it could have done me some good to actually look in it!! Thanks so much for the tip. I used my betty crocker cookbook, but it definitely isn't as thorough as a canning specific book. I'll need to get that other one out for next time - which I hope is soon!
    I definitely need to try those spicy spreadable peaches you made. It sounds delicious!