Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thrifty Business

There have been many visits to many thrift shops this week. Strictly business you see - to collect a few different camping utensils. Thrift stores are great places to load up on cutlery, and cooking utensils for camping. I bought a large spoon, and tongs yesterday for less than 49 cents each. I bought a few other things the other day for even cheaper.
So here we are at the end of the camping season, very organized and ready (finally!) - it figures. Oh well, we'll be well set next year. We still have plans to camp next weekend and for a week after that, so I'm glad we are sorted. We had sold a lot of our camping gear when we went away travelling a couple of years ago, and have had to do an almost full replenish.

So, of course, where there is business there must also be pleasure... Enter all the items I didn't need, but could not say no to:

I've been looking high and low for the old "choose-your-own-adventure" books for my nephew. I'm sure he would love them. They are surprisingly difficult to find though.

I found a whole bag of vintage greeting cards for 2 dollars, and a couple patterns for a quarter each.
Notice the bag of googly eyes for my turtle footstool makeover? Stay tuned...

What a sweet framed vintage picture for my little one's room. I held it up to his wall for him and he laughed hysterically - I think that means he likes it!

There are a couple more precious things not pictured - fabric (of course), and a glass drink pitcher for $2 bucks.
Good times indeed.


  1. Great books you found. I love the treasure hunt of thrifting!

  2. I LOVE choose your own adventure books! Awesome finds!